Project Statistics A bit off...a Bug?

I am writing a novel that has 64 sections. I just finished the fourth section. When I tally up the individual word count for the sections, I have 3633 words. The entire manuscript should reflect that count, it says 1847. To get the pictured Project Statistics above, I highlighted the four sections I wrote. When I just click on the Manuscript in the Binder, it says the manuscript has 1847 words, and the selection has 4350. I gather the difference between 4350 and 3633 is the titles for the different sections.

The following are the options set to produce the report above. Other settings should be the same as for a novel I recently published.

That said, when I run project statistics for that novel, it shows 106kwords for the manuscript, which is consistent, and 0 words for the selection. The options are identical, and the new novel is based on a template I created and used on the first novel.

I have the option to “Update Printed Counts” in the older novel, but not for the current one.

I recently upgraded my Mac Mini from the pre-2010 version to the one released this past summer that uses Lion.

To add… when I show project targets, I’m told the manuscript has 4,424 words and my session target is 1,781 words.

The project word count shows the count as it would be if you compiled. My guess is that you’ve changed the compile settings so that certain text sections aren’t included - check your compile settings and see what would be compiled.

Hope that helps.

All the best,

Got it… Not a bug in the software, a misunderstanding of the implementation. :slight_smile:

I had recently compiled as synopsis (or some such). I recompiled as hardback 6x9 (custom format?). The manuscript wordcount reported as 4,481. So I’m still 8,000 words behind my schedule. But, it did not behave as expected.

It would help to provide a visual cue, that the satistics are “as compiled by ‘active compile profile.’” The current display is not intuitive. Or, be able to select the compile format that it is compiled as on the options.

I’ve added “(as Compiled)” to the end of the draft folder name in the project stats panel.

That’ll probably do it for other slow authors like me.

Thanks, Not Kevin. :wink: