Project statistics acting strangely after compile problem

I am using version

Yesterday I posted this issue and what I did to resolve it:

Today, in the same project, every time I try to use Project Statistics, the stastics box comes up as it should but every line item shows zero words.

The statistics box itself will jitter a bit, then a small box pops up on top of it indicating that it is converting the file. Then a dialog box pops up asking me for a location to save a word file with an enormously long file name that is just a bunch of seemingly random letters and numbers. If I cancel the save box, it will pop up telling me it couldn’t convert the file. That popup will go away, leaving one that is counting very quickly. At present it counts up to page 126, shows 15% or 16%, then I click OK. The box disappears and my project statistics show properly.

I never had this issue prior to the compile problem that I had yesterday. All of this weird behavior makes me wonder if my project is corrupted and in danger of being lost at some point. BTW, I do have backups on DropBox and on my computer.


I have discovered that this issue is not happening on just this project. Every project I open in Scrivener has the same issue. If I click the Project Statistics button as described above, it will go through that process, even if it just gave me statistics on the same project without changes. No matter which project, or how many times I do it, I get this same strange behavior.

This happens only when the Project Statistics button is clicked. The Text Statistics button works normally every time.

I completely uninstalled Scrivener, then downloaded it again and reinstalled it again. I set up my toolbars, etc. again, then tried the Project Statistics button . Still the same issue.

I downloaded 1.7.1 from the Change List page. Now I get just a short split second blip of the convert popup (too short to read anything). The issue with several pop-up boxes showing every time I want to see project statistics seems to be a issue.


There’s a bug in 1.7.1 with the page count statistics, which was fixed in 1.7.2. This correction involves Scrivener partially compiling twice, to RTF format to get a correct word count and to PDF to get the correct printed page count (which is based on the PDF settings), since the actual page layout will differ per format. It sounds like there’s an issue in your case compiling with the current PDF settings, so the first thing I’d try is going to the Import/Export tab of Tools > Options and clicking the “Export Converters” button. Select “PDF” from the drop-down on the left and then select “Scrivener” instead of “Microsoft Office” from the right. Apply the changes, then try compiling the stats again to see if it runs smoothly now.

What version of Windows and what version of Microsoft Office do you have installed?

I installed 1.7.2 again and made the setting change that you suggested. This time the word count worked as it should as far as I can tell from your explanation of what’s going on. The word count box flashes and blinks a bit, then hesitates for a second before it displays the word count, but at least it does go ahead and does it now. (In earlier versions, I don’t remember all the hesitation and blinking, etc. that it does now.)

Just for the heck of it, I changed the PDF converter setting back to Microsoft Word to see if it acted up like it was before. Sure enough, it went through the file save dialog, file convert timer, etc. I changed it back to Scrivener and that behavior stopped.

I have Microsoft Office Home and Student 2010
Microsoft version 14.0.7116.5000 (32 bit)
Windows 7 Home Premium Service Pack 1

I don’t know if it matters, but my computer has an i7 Intel processor and 16GB of ram.