Project statistics addition

Hi there.

I dunno if this is doable, but I think it is worth suggesting anyway.

At the moment, the project statistics is dependent on the selected files for the compile draft. This is not too much of a problem, but it does mean that if you want to get a full set of stats for the book, then you either have to select the documents manually, or go back into the compile draft dialog and select all the files/folders in there.

Or you may just display the stats dialog and get a completely off set of figures because you haven’t remembered that you have a subset selected … :smiley:

So what I was thinking was to add a third panel to the project statistics.

Draft --> the complete stats for the draft folder
Compiling draft --> the stats for the files selected in the compile dialog
Selection --> selected files in the project pane (same as it is now)

Forseen problems:

Well, Keith can probably come up with a few more, but I imagine that it will increase the length of time to calculate the project stats quite considerably.

Although I haven’t added a third pane, the next version at least makes it clear that the statistics only apply to the current compile group, by giving the name of that group instead of just the potentially misleading “Draft”. Likewise, the project tiargets have been updated to have the same behaviour.

Fairynuff … :slight_smile:

But on the statistics option then.

What is ‘Count all documents’ actually counting if I only have a subset selected on Compile Draft …


It’s counting all documents inside the compile group regardless of whether they have “include” turned on or off - given that it’s part of a radio control in which the other options are to count included only or not, I thought this was fairly clear…

Anyway, I changed my mind on this and I have just spent my (hungover) morning adding checkboxes to the Project Statistics and Targets panels so that you can choose whether or not to count the entire Draft or just the current compile group.


Nice one … thanks.