Project Statistics [BUG LOGGED]

On the Project Statistics>Options tab, the word count per page is set to 350. If I change this, it reverts back to the default when I reopen the option later.

I have this problem too. All of the options I’ve changed in the options tab of project statistics revert back instead of saving. I change the options, click OK and the dialogue box disappears. I can then go straight back into the options tab, no restarting or changing documents or anything, and they are already back to defaults. I’ve only tried it on Windows 7.


Duplicated in XP.

You can change the things in the Options Tab and then switch back to the Statistics Tab to see the adjusted numbers. However, after you close the window, it forgets and you have to change it every time you run the Project Statistics.

I also have this problem. All changes I make in the Options tab are immediately forgotten as soon as I close the window.

Also, if I change the options to have more or less words per page, then go back to the Statistics tab (at once, without first closing the window and re-open it) the number of pages in “paperback” option changes, but not in “printed” option. I changed the “words per page” to everything between 100 to 450, and still only “paperback” changed number of pages, not “printed”. This goes for both “Draft” and “Selection”.

Running Scrivener Beta 1.3 on Windows 7.


I can only confirm.

Windows 7 shows the same problem.


I don’t suffer from this.