Project Statistics Bug


I am using the project statistics feature quite a lot. I have noticed that when I select a folder containing numerous texts, and request sub-documents to be included it shows in the selection statistics many more pages (printed) than pages (paperback). This is clearly wrong, and is also at odds with the statistics for the entire project. By the way I am using the default settings for this.

It seems that the two figures have been transposed. I imagine it will therefore be an easy fix. Can you check it out and let me know if you get the same. Thanks!

Also … any chance of a an optional menu bar button to bring up project statistics with a click?


No, they haven’t been transposed - I think someone else would have noticed this if they had! In the project that you sent me, you had many page breaks between your texts. The page breaks are not taken account of in the paperback word count, but they are in the printed word count. The paperback count just takes the number of characters and divides them up according to the options in the other pane of the statistics sheet (and this is how it should be, too, as it is only a rough count and generating the actual pages behind the scenes for both counts would be very slow).

I’m not sure what you mean by a menu bar button. Do you mean a toolbar button? If so, that is already on the list for the next update. But if you happen to be good at designing icons, please feel free, as I hate creating them because they take me ages! (A suggestion for what should go on the icon would at least be welcome. :slight_smile: )

All the best,

Rollo, I think you may be misunderstanding what the “printed” count means - it refers to the number of pages you would end up with if you were to press Print on your computer - not how many pages a professionally printed version would have. That is, in fact, what the “paperback” count is for, and is configurable in the Statistics pane.

Thanks for that explanation, Keith. I was aware of the difference between the two types of count, but wasn’t considering the page breaks.

Yes I do mean a toolbar button. As it happens I have been collecting icons for some time to use within our own internal database system. When I get a chance I’ll look something out for you.