Project Statistics crashed Scrivener

This may have already been reported (sorry if it has).

Open Scrivener, choose Project Statistics, crash.

Could you look at Help > About Scrivener and let me know which version number is stated there? This was an issue reported earlier and unless I’ve got myself all mixed up it should’ve been fixed by 049. (I’ll have to double-check though, maybe it’s not. I can’t keep this all straight in my head and I don’t have access at this second to the Mighty Bug Lists of Doom.)

0.0.35-I thought I had the latest, but you snuck another update in there. I’m downloading the latest version now.

We’re just sneaky like that. Make sure, going from 035 to 049, that you download the full installer rather than using Help > Check for Updates; more files were changed between the two than will get updated via the latter method.

I installed the new version from within Scrivener and it said it crashed but it didn’t and finished the install.

I tried the Project Statistics but it flicked a green status update at me 5 or 6 times first. it was fast do I don’t know what it was, but it is distracting.

If you ran Check for Updates fro 035 for the upgrade, crash or no, you’re not fully upgraded to 049. It might not affect the reloading progress bar (which was noted as a bug, don’t worry) but you’ll have other internal files using an older version, so you really should get the full installer and overwrite it.

I missed the post on the full installer and I’m going to do that now.

Scrivener 1.6.1
Windows 7
Clicking on Project Statistics is still leading to crash about 1: 5 times.

Could you send a zipped copy of your project (or of a sample project causing the problem) to AT literatureandlatte DOT com explaining the problem? Opening Project Statistics runs the compile in the background, so if it’s crashing the most likely cause is that there is some combination of text formatting and compile settings triggering the bug that we’ll need to track down.