Project Statistics don´t work properly

When selecting “Project Statistics”, Scrivener starts converting my text and then compiling. I have to abort this manually for seeing Project Statistics. At the same time, Scrivener is producing unknown text files which appear as word documents when opening MS Word.

How can I prevent this behaviour?

Thanks a lot


According to the manual, the way statistics are calculated is by compiling the document using the current compile settings, in order to obtain the most accurate results.

I’ve not noticed, though, that Scrivener generates files of any kind during this process. In which folder are they located in your case?

Are you running Office 365? It could be you’re running into a converter problem. If that’s the case, go to Tools > Options… and click Import/Export, then “Export Converters…”. It should say “DOC” on the left and “Microsoft Office” on the right. Change the right option to “RTF-Based”. Then select “DOCX” from the left drop-down and choose “Scrivener” from the right, and repeat that for PDF. The converter we have for Microsoft Office can’t distinguish between Office 2013, which it supports, and Office 365, which it doesn’t, and we haven’t yet found a workaround. Once you’ve switched to other converters, you should be able to run the statistics without it hanging and needing to be aborted, although if you have a large project it could take a moment still for it to compile in the background in order to count the pages.

Thanks a lot for your advice!
This problem occured first after updating Scrivener, before it worked properly. I´m working with Office 2007 by the way.
I will try to fix the compile settings.

I’m having the same problem. I use Office 2003, and I get a note

“Could not convert to required format”

and after closing the message, there is another note that

“This file requires a newer version of the Microsoft Works Converter than is currently on your system. Do you want to download the new converter so that you can work with this file?”

When I try downloading the converter, I isn’t really for Windows 8. I thought that my problem might be the compile settings being for an unsupported format, but I get the same thing whether RTF, Word Doc, or PDF.

whbeng - Office 2003 definitely isn’t supported by the converters we’re using, so you shouldn’t be getting the option to use those at all. Have you ever had another version of Office installed (e.g. a trial version) or have you installed plugins to work with other file formats than those originally supported by 2003? Something in there must have adjusted the registry info that the converters are using to identify the version of Office. I don’t think there’s anything we’ll be able to do about it directly because these are third-party tools, but it would be good to know.

Meanwhile, check that for PDF and DOCX exporters you’re using “Scrivener” and for DOC use “RTF-Based”. For the importers, DOC and DOCX should both use “Scrivener”, assuming that you’re seeing “Microsoft Office” as options for any of these. Set all of that in the Import/Export Options and click OK. It should be enough to get the Statistics (and Compile) working, but if you’re still getting the trouble, please try rebooting the computer and relaunching Scrivener. Since the conversion wasn’t working, the process may have hanged and be gumming up the works (in tech speak), so rebooting will clear all that out.

Thank you. I reset the import/export and had to reboot, but now both the project statistics and the compile work without hanging up.