Project statistics error?

I click on Manuscript/Draft (whichever that template named it), and check on project statistics.

Compiled tab says, 53k words or so.
Selected document tab, though, says 1850.
The selected document is a folder, and contains three folders. Each folder is a document; 2 contain each 1 word and the other contains 2. So that should be 4. Not 1850. Or 1840, after correcting some things.
I’m wondering where this 1840 came from? I’m guessing it’s from text in notes? Because the same 1840 shows up in one of the folders below, and not in any other folders. And I do have quite a few notes in documents in that one folder.

And, then, I actually select a document and the “selected documents” tab returns 0 on all counts except one, and that’s at “-1.”

So something strange is happening with Project Statistics, “Selected Document” tab.

After further examination:

The project in question is a production document; I can’t afford to lose it.

I tried “save and rebuild search,” thinking that might solve it.

I copied the binder to a new project entire, and in the new project, there is no such issue. This brought over all the metadata; I was sweating that one a little. Didn’t want to get into the scrivx file.

I removed everything unnecessary from the old project, leaving the bare bones of a project file, deleted all the documents and folders but one each under Manuscript. So Manuscript, chapter, Document.

Note: After emptying trash and restarting the project, Scriv reported some recovered files. Evidently not everything had been trashed as expected (I had put those files in the trash).

The problem still exists with just that much left (Manuscript, chapter, document). I replaced the text with lorem ipsum text, and the problem still exists after that change.

I saved it as a problem project; I’ve zipped what’s left, and have kept it in case a dev wants to look at it.