Project Statistics freezes

I have been using scrivener for a few months now, I am writing up my thesis. I used the “project statistics” feature quite often, it worked perfectly. I think that I have about 100 pages by now but since a couple of days, the project statistics shows me weird numbers like 443 words and two pages. I did not change any of the settings, and when I change the statistic options it does not change anything at all.
I tried the update to version 1.2.3. but that doesn’t help either. What happened?

The options tab in the Project Statistics is for the “Selection” and not the “Draft” (or whatever you may have renamed your Draft folder), so regardless of those settings the “Draft” information should not change. Compile settings, however, will affect the Draft statistics, and due to a bug in the way the selection is currently being counted, in some situations the compile settings can likewise affect the selection count even though they should not. If you have changed what you’re compiling–for instance, if you currently have things set up to compile just an outline of titles and synopses–this is what the project statistics will be using to get your numbers. That’s how it should be for the Draft count, where the purpose is to let you know what your compile results will be, but as I said, it shouldn’t be doing that for the selection and I’ve reported this as a bug for the developer. In the meanwhile, if this is the problem you’re seeing, adjusting your settings in compile so that you’re set up to compile the text should get you back to the results you were seeing earlier.

that’s what i did but it still doesn’t work! :frowning: