Project Statistics make Scrivener quit!

OK, I apologize if this has been covered before. It’s late, I’m tired, and the search feature is giving me everything but the information I need. When I highlight a folder which holds two of my chapters (i.e. documents), and try to use Project Statistics to get a word count, Scrivener quits. How do I do a word count for more than one document (chapter) at a time? Without having to restart Scrivener? I tried highlighting both chapters at the same time and getting a word count, but that also made Scriv quit.

This is a known bug which was fixed in the betas some time ago, and will be fixed in version 1.10 which will be an official release, most likely this coming weekend.

In the mean time, you can fix it by going to:
File -> Page Setup

And making the option about avoiding widows/orphans unchecked.

Sorry I cannot give you exact instructions, I don’t have my Mac with me at work.


[Edit to add link to exact description: … ght=widows]

Thank you so much for helping me out!

Will there be a way to check the total word count etc, in the ENTIRE binder? I would like to know exactly how many words and pages I have in the entire binder. That would be a nice feature. It seems that the program only counts the words and pages in one folder. Is that true or am I needing a lobotomy?


It only counts the words and characters in the Draft folder, because this is what will be exported to a single manuscript. You can select all documents in the binder to get their word/character count, though.

Tahnks Keith. Hey, where can I download the master Fiction template? I have been going nuts trying to find it.


I think it was posted somewhere in The Zen of Scrivener… Or maybe in Tips & Tricks. Lord Lightning posted it.

I saw a link but it brought me to another forum and there was no download.

A search on “master templates” took me pretty much to it… … 5104#15104


Okay…that took me to another forum but still no D/L?

It’s there. Please look through the posts. Lord Lightning has posted the download in that thread.

Thanks, I finally found it and downloaded it.