Project statistics not correct

I have a project that has 10 documents, and thousands of words.
Project Statistics displays: 290 words, 2 documents

I have rebuilt indexes, no joy.

I have not changed any individual project settings… All other projects appear to be correct.



If you have “Count current compile group only” checked in the option tab, the result you’ll get in the “Compiled” tab will be consequent of this :

(Only what is selected from this dropdown menu will be taken into account.)

Also (that is for the second tab - “Selected documents”) make sure that you are set to count all documents if that is what you need. (Second arrow / first screenshot)
Or that at least you are not getting a result that counts only documents excluded from compile.

Thank you for your response.

I have not changed any default settings for any particular project.

Hence ‘count current compile group only’ is unchecked for all projects.

'Tis a puzzlement.

Are you sure all of these documents are inside your draft folder ?

Else, there is a known bug where the compile filter messes things up when it should actually have no impact at all.
Make sure the funnel isn’t blue in the compile panel.



Don’t forget to save the compile settings before leaving the compile panel. (Hold the alt key + click what is otherwise the “compile” button.)

Not all docs in draft folder:::: Good call… I had copied docs from other projects to the binder.

Not yet organized.

Thank you…