project statistics, project target and document target.

This is something that has annoyed me since the first of november.

I have a outline made in Omni Outliner, ten chapters, each chapter has three or four subsection. In project statistics I write 50 000 (yeah, it’s a nanonovel) but under document target nothing shows up until you fill it in. Wouldn’t it be a great thing if document target was based upon the project target? For exampel, 50 000 words for the project target, if you got ten documents then each of them gets a target of 5000, if you change a document target to 3000 then the 47 000 gets divided for the rest of the documents.

If this is hard or impossible to do I would love to be able to select to show project target instead of document target as the progress bar in the main window.

Well, you can just have the project targets panel open and don’t set the target at the bottom. It wouldn’t make much sense for Scrivener to try to fill in the document targets automatically, as it has no idea whether you are working in chapter, scenes paragraphs or whatever, and even if it did, it is unlikely that you would want every chapter to be, say, 5,000 words. The easiest way of filling in document targets, though, is via the outliner, where you can have open just the titles and targets if you wish, and quickly go through and add all of the document targets.

Yeah, I understand that. The main thought was to get some sort of average counter for each chapter, and as you finished chapter 1 at, say 6000 words, you could set it as finished and it would use the average target but the actual wordcount instead. But the more I think of it the more I think you’re right and it was just some nanowrimo-crazy talk I wrote.

I’ve tried having the project statistics window opened, but it bugs me and I have to say I don’t like having windows opened all around the place. So I place a wish for a selection on “show document target/show project target” in the lower part of the screen…

But I guess we shouldn’t be so obsessed with wordcounts, but if it’s one thing nanowrimo does to you it is making you obsess with checking you wordcount. :confused:

Sorry, but it’s going to stay as it is. :slight_smile: One reason I like it in the panel is that I also don’t like panels open all the time, and I prefer to get this sort of thing out of my way, so that I can check on it only occasionally and not obsess about it…


No biggie, after november I will go back to my usual word-count ignorance with a smile. :smiley:


There’s a program (it’s free!) called YWriter that you can find at and it has exactly that function and it’s really useful! Unfortunately it’s PC-only software which sucks, but it allows you to type in a word target and a deadline and it provides a running countdown of how you are doing so that each day, when you sit down, you can see how you’re doing against target.

You get:
Required total
Words to write per day
Words so far
Words left to go
Words in-front/behind

It’s a beautiful thing and I would love to see that functionality implemented in Scrivener!



I would especially like a “words to write per day” feature. It would be much more useful than “session target” because if I am using Scrivener heavily I’ll just keep the app open.

There’s a “reset” button in the Project Targets panel which will reset your session word count back to zero.

I am also struggling with targets for sections and chapters, rather than for the entire book or for a specific scrivening. The reason is that when you plan for a book according to an outline, you want the chapters to be somewhat balanced in length.

Though setting targets on each level would be difficult or tedious, could Scrivener just have a “cumulative word count” column in outline view (in addition to the current one) that would show the cumulative number of words reached per outline block (the scrivening itself plus all scrivenings lower in the hierarchy)?

To be precise, this is how I would envision the column to count:

Outline                Word count   Cumulative word count
I. Chapter                     20                    1325
   a. Section                 300                     650
      1. Subsection           200                     200
      2. Subsection           150                     150
   b. Section                 500                     500
   c. Section                   0                     155
      1. Subsection            75                      75
      2. Subsection            80                      80

If we had the current statistics from Scrivener, we can more easily manage setting ourselves targets - on paper if we have to :wink:

I hope this would not be too hard to implement?

I have to agree, as stated in a previous wishlist post, and I think several other users do as well… I wish there was an OPTION, just another option, to have the “progress meter” in either an open window, or a spot in the toolbar, outline, binder, lower part of the screen, or the default no where at all.

Some users like to see their progress, some do not. So it would be great to add the OPTION for those that like to see it, to put the “progress bar” somewhere besides just an annoying open window.

Also, adding the feature of a “session progress” and “beep when goal is met” is cool, too, so I can go eat lunch after I type 500 words.

Again, just my 2-cents, and I think several others’, but besides that ----- thanks for the amazing app and work you’ve already done, Keith! You’ll go down in writing history, I’m sure - Scrivener is the next greatest writing innovation since moveable type! Really. And I used to use moveable type. All be it in a school project.

Scrivener-user, it sounds like you haven’t discovered View > Statistics > Project Targets. Note the session target! Note the floating window with the progress in it! (And yes, it’s based on the one in StoryMill, I fully admit it.) It doesn’t do sounds, though, and this was a decision, not neglect - I think a sound would just interrupt from the writing process, so there will be none.

Siros - I quite like your Cumulative Word/Character count for the outliner, actually. It looks like it shouldn’t be too difficult, but I can’t promise anything.

All the best,

We’re probably driving you crazy with this “progress bar” thing… I now found all the options you mentioned.

I guess all I really want, is to be able to take it as an OPTION from a “floating window” to somewhere in the toolbar or the likes, so I can always look at it. I know most of the “progress bar” info can be customized and shown in the outline view already, but for my use, that seems too clunky sometimes, and duplicates the list view of the binder.

So I was thinking it would be helpful to add the OPTION of having a “progress bar” in the tool bar, or one (or more) in the binder view… since it might be helpful to some users to show the progress next to each scene/chapter/item. (Again, without having to duplicate the item list in the outline view [and thus taking up even more screen real estate] and definitely without having the floating window.)

But again, the software is already excellent. This is just my idea for a small improvement.

Kudos on excellence.

I have to say that I don’t really like the idea of a progress bar in the toolbar… And I’m pretty sure it’s against the HIG. The toolbar should be a place for buttons that represent commands and actions, not for view information… So I’m afraid there will be no toolbar-progress bar.