Project Statistics provides wrong count - why??

A few days ago I noticed that in a certain Scrivener project, the project statistics function produces all of a sudden a wrong result.

The whole draft has around 27.000 words, and once I open everything in Edit Scrivenings mode, I get this number in the bottom line. But when I just call Project Statistics, I only get around 1.400 words, which is obviously wrong. The strange thing is that it worked until recently.

The options are “Count all documents” and “exclude annotations”. If I tick the exclusions off, nothing changes. If I set to “Count only included”, I get around 800 words; for “only not included” around 600 words.

And the Project Targets View shows 0. Zero!

Is there a way to “reset” the counting function? It’s no big problem, but I am so used to that Scrivener just works, it irritates me. :smiley:

The version is 1.54, and no, I don’t fiddle with the content of packages, I don’t use Time Machine nor any version control system.

What are your Compile Draft settings? Have you changed them to compile only a single chapter or suchlike? Remember that targets and statistics take into account whatever it is that is set to be compiled.



Tata! That was it.

It’s a bit difficult, BTW, to change compile settings without printing or exporting actually. I had to print to preview to get it right.

Thanks! (And most of all, I’m reassured that Scrivener “just works”!) :smiley:

This has been addressed in 2.0. In 2.0, if you hold down the Option key while the Compile sheet is open, “OK” becomes “Save” (to save the settings and close without actually compiling) and “Cancel” becomes “Reset” (to reset the options to what they were when the sheet was opened without closing it). There are also options in the project stats and targets so that you can choose not to have them count only the current compile group.

All the best,

I am already convinced that Scrivener 2.0 will be awesome. And magical. And revolutionary… :wink:

And comes with a basket full of fluffy bunnies