Project Statistics question

Could someone help a Scrivener newbie out here?

I’m using the current Windows beta (I’m newly converted after using it last semester for a creative nonfiction class) and I’m trying to figure out how to mark which documents get included in a project. I’ve figured out how to exclude something from being compiled in the project, but is there a separate function? I have an inspiration quote for a story I’m working on outlining and I don’t want it to be a part of the word count. Is there any way to do this?

Well two basic answers would be either (a) Project Notes or (b) Document Notes, if the quote is applicable to a particular section of your outline then the latter option is best. Otherwise Project Notes are a nice global place to store things like this. You can get at both of these by opening the Inspector sidebar if necessary (click the blue ‘i’ button in the toolbar) and make sure the little notepad icon at the bottom of this sidebar is selected. The editing area here is for notes, Document Notes by default—if you switch to another document they will not be visible any more until you switch back; so this tool is a handy little notepad for each section. If you click in the text that says “Document Notes” though, you can flip over to the Project Notepad, which is accessible from any place in the project.

The other alternative is to use the Selection portion of the Project/Project Statistics window. If you want to see a total word count for your draft, just click on the Draft folder and then call up the statistics panel. There is currently a little bug in that the Selection area will not update until you switch to Options and then back. You want to go there first anyway to make sure all of these flags are set up the way you want. For example, “Count only documents marked for inclusion” and “Exclude annotations” will produce the most literal word count. Do note however that the Draft section does already only count included documents.

Thanks! :smiley: Look forward to the full version of Windows when it comes out!