Project Statistics Showing Zero For Word Count

When I go to Project > Project Statistics the manuscript section shows my word count as zero even though I’m up to 17,000 words. My chapters are all in the manuscript folder and they all have Include In Compile checked.

Maybe look under Project > Project Targets. If that also shows 0 word count, then just double-check the files are actually in the Manuscript folder and not beneath it. I’ve had that happen a few times, thinking my files are there when they actually aren’t.

If that doesn’t help, can you take a screenshot and post that?

Manuscript target is working correctly and my files are in the manuscript folder as they appear and disappear when collapsed.

Attached a screenshot showing my manuscript folder and the project statistics window.

It looks as if you have all scenes directly under the Manuscript folder. This is rather uncommon and if you have not changed the default compile setting to include text from level 1 documents, then compile will come up empty and thus will the “Manuscript” word count. Your 17k+ words are actually there as can be seen from the fact that they appear under the “Selection” section.

Test it with a compile run and output to preview. I would guess that it comes up empty and therefore also the word count is 0. Either build a folder structure underneath Manuscript to match your compile settings or change the compile settings to include level 1 document text.

I’ve got it working now, thanks. Didn’t know that it corresponded to the compile settings.

I found that if I typed any character into a scene showing a 0 word count, the word count would reappear. Even if I deleted the character again.

Why is this uncommon? Is there a better way to organise documents in the Manuscript folder?