Project Statistics shows hours spent writing

I searched the forum. Most requests for a timer seem to focus on timing a writing session.

I’d like for Project Statistics to show how many hours has been spent writing the document.

Microsoft Word shows this statistic in FILE/PROPERTIES/STATISTICS/Total Editing Time

It’d be nice (or horrific) to see how many hours it took to complete a particular writing project.


Thanks for the suggestion. I’m afraid that this sort of thing really falls out of the scope of Scrivener as it is more of a gimmick than something that is needed. Word counts, character counts and page counts are often required by writers for keeping to a word limit or for sending to a publisher; I’ve never heard of a writer needing to tell their editor how many hours they have been working on the project! :slight_smile:

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Hi Keith, attorneys charge their clients several hundred dollars per hour, and need to justify to their clients the number of hours spent. Often, I use the MS Word hour-count to see how long I spent in order to calculate the client’s bill.

Sounds more like a dedicated Time & Billing application to me. You might try Dan Schimpf’s TimeCard, which you can run alongside Scrivener. It’s a free download, available here:



Sounds like a good solution. Scrivener couldn’t do this sort of thing very well anyway; it could only measure the hours a project was open (unless there were start and stop buttons, which would defeat the object), and a project may be open for many more hours than it is actually worked on. And I wouldn’t want to be responsible for a client being overcharged… :slight_smile:

If only I got paid for all the times I had Scrivener open while I went to get a cup of tea, forgot what I was doing, did the washing, returned to the computer, remembered the tea, flicked on the television and wasted an afternoon watching programs I don’t like…