Project Statistics Wordcount

When compiling the ‘Draft’ and opening in Word, the word count there gives me roughly 180.000 words.
When selecting ‘Draft’ in Scrivener, Project Statistics (both ‘Draft as compiled’ and ‘Selection’) gives me about 160.000.
The difference between the two options in Project Statistics, as I understand it, should be based on the compile preferences, right? Why can the word count of the compiled text then be different?
I really have to understand how word count in Scrivener works right now, so any help is much appreciated and apologies in advance for follow-up questions!

That is correct, the “Draft as compiled” section of the Project Statistics panel should be on the nose for what the output file will be. But maybe you found a spot we’ve missed.

One thing I would try is importing the compiled file back into a blank project (so as to not bloat your main project) and see how many words Scrivener says are in the file. If it counts to 160,000 as well, then it must just be down to a discrepancy in how Word and Scrivener count. In most cases it wouldn’t be nearly that large (in a work that long, a thousand or so would be expected as a maximum), but we might as well check.

Thanks for your quick reply :slight_smile:

I’ve done as you suggested and imported the compiled document into a blank Scrivener project
The draft in Word (with ‘include footnotes and endnotes’ ticked): 187,674
without: 158,278

In Scrivener: the word count bar at the bottom as well as outliner: 161,377
Project statistics (Options: count footnotes, count all documents, count subdocuments)
both ‘Draft as Compiled’ and ‘Selection’: 161,377
(Options: ‘Draft Statistics Options’: count footnotes unticked: 'Draft: 161,377; Selection: 191,561 :question: )
(Options: 'Draft Statistic Options: count footnotes ticked, ‘Selection Statistics Options’: Exclude comments and annotations ticked; ‘Draft as Compiled’ and ‘Selection’: 191,561

It is kind of important that I know with exactly how many words I’m dealing in my thesis… I am really confused right now… :neutral_face:

It sounds as though you’ve found the reason - Word is counting footnotes, but Scrivener’s editor doesn’t do that if they in the inspector (you can hover the cursor over the footer bar word count to get a popover showing the count with footnotes, though - click on the word count in the footer for more options and counts).

When project statistics counts footnotes, you get 191,561 words, and Word counts 187,674. That’s a 4,000 word difference, which is still quite large, but it could be down to hyphenated words. Do you have many hyphenated words in your text? Scrivener counts the components of hyphenated words separately, while Word counts them as single words.

All the best,

Ah… that may be it then. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for hyphenated words. To be honest, I don’t think I’m using that many, but I’ll check that while editing and maybe come back to you, if that is not the reason. I’m also wondering about some Japanese words, maybe there is something going on there in terms of different word counts as well.

Many thanks!