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Why is it that under the draft section the paper back page count is higher than the printed page count and under the selection section (where I assume it shows the statistics of the documents I’ve selected in the binder) the paper back pages are less than the printed page count. I’m very confused by statistics in general and having a hard time figuring out where I am in my novel…Thanks in advance for the help!

The paperback page count is based on words-per-page (set via the Options tab) and assumes one word to be six characters, based on typographical standards, just to give you a rough idea on what the page count might be in a trade paperback.


I think the question here is, if the Draft is selected in the Binder and stats are called up, it is possible to get conflicting reports using the same results. Here is a screenshot example:

Note that there are identical word and character counts, but the print count for Selection differs by nearly 40 pages. This was produced with standard, Count All documents, no exclusions, no max lines, settings.

Actually: I didn’t notice it initially, but there is a small 6-character discrepancy between the two—insignificant in this example.

Printed pages counts page breaks (automatically on for folders, but you can check or uncheck the boxes for any files or folders) whereas paperback pages does not but goes solely by word count, as Keith described. There might be other settings that determine how the count is done also–for the printed page, I believe Scrivener actually compiles your draft behind the scenes to get an accurate calculation. So depending on how you have your draft structured and your compile settings defined, you could be getting conflicting counts.

edited: Oops, I was imagining for only certain items of the draft selected, why a given selection might have a higher paperback page count than printed page count when the overall draft is the other way around. But I’m not sure why my above reasoning would affect the entire draft selection one way in Draft statistics and another in Selection. I’d assume the compile settings worked the same in both. And actually, when I try the whole draft as Ioa shows above, I get varying word and character counts, too. (The above image is off in character count, but only by single digits; mine was off by 100 characters and about 50 words, more in the “selection” than “Draft.”) So I’m going to slink off and wait for someone smarter to answer.

edited again because I realized that the compile settings only affect the “Draft” statistics, not the “Selection” statistics…I should apply that “careful reading” to the help files more often. So I think my initial reasoning stands, and the question is just why the word and character counts are off. Probably someone has already addressed and explained it in the forums.

Can someone tell me how many words per page are on the average paperback page so I can set my options accordingly.

Screen shot 2010-05-18 at 4.40.06 PM.pngCan you explain this… why are the page counts the same under selection and not under draft.

In most cases, for English anyway, 250–350 is a good average. The rule-of-thumb formula is that the healthy adult eye works best with 10–12 significant words per line and 25 lines per page. Depends on your writing style, though, of course. Books heavy in dialogue will average far less, while books heavy in long paragraphs and short words might run closer to 400 per page.

Scrivener defaults to 350, which is probably good for most authors.

In the case of your screenshot, the cause might be what I suggested earlier, that your compile settings are affecting the number of printed pages in the Draft statistics. It looks like you have only certain parts of the draft selected, and in the selections you chose the word count, spacing, etc. in the actual Scrivenings add up to the same result as the paperback page’s simple division of words. But in your entire draft with compile settings, you’re not getting that same magic equation.

In the image below, I’ve created a new empty project and made a single document in it, then selected that document and viewed project statistics. The default compile settings for line spacing, font, etc. make the Draft printed page count up to 4, but the text of the document as is comes out to just 2 pages. (So if I just copy-paste the text into TextEdit and print it, it’s 2 pages. If I compile draft to RTF with my current settings, open that in TextEdit and print, it’s 4 pages due to the spacing and font. If I go to the compile settings and check it to “keep formatting,” the Draft project statistics switches to 2, like the selection, because in this case it’s just the formatting that’s making it different.) That might be why you’re seeing the same sort of thing.