Project status

Is there a way to include in the project status the target of words/characters that we set. A similar icon that is found in Ulysses would be very useful.
This would be very useful when we write projects that have a limite of words.

I’m not sure what you mean by Project Status. (and which version of Scrivener are you using?)

There are several ways to set and see Targets and Progress:

a) Project > Show Project Targets, which shows you overall progress / session progress (cmd-shift-t toggles this on and off – you can keep it visible as you write)
b) Clicking on the concentric circle at the bottom right of a document to set a document target and see progress as you write
c) Adding columns to the Outliner where you can see progress / targets for individual documents, which then feed cumulative totals.
d) (Version 3 only) Hovering over the Quick Find field in the middle of the toolbar which shows both session and project targets.

Do they not do what you’re looking for?