Project sync between Win and Mac via DropBox

Hi all,
I’m using Scrivener on Windows 7, and trying to work on a project created by a friend of mine with Scrivener for Mac and fully shared via DropBox: he just copied the whole project in a shared folder, and we aim to directly work on this shared copy (though not both on the same time).

However, we’re experiencing a particularly crippling problem: my friend (using the Mac version) can’t see any new file or folder created by me (using the Windows version). He does see my updates on documents, as far as those documents and folders existed before sharing the project. The problem seems mutual.
As far as I can see, there are no syncing problems with the individual files in the dropbox folder created for the Scriv project: whatever I add to the project pops up in the “files” subfolder, for example.
It seems to me that the problem resides in the project (.scriv) file itself. For example, I see two of them inside the dropbox folder for the project: one called like the Scrivener project itself, and the other just “project.scrivx”, which seems a bit odd, since only one is updated when I save the project!

Well, thanks in advance for any help or advice you could provide.

All the best,

I’m not sure how that happened (maybe someone with inside knowledge of Scrivener can chime in), but the Mac will name the .scrivx file after the project name when it creates its own projects, or when it opens a windows-created project for the first time. Usually, there’s not a “project.scrivx” file left behind after that.

Here’s what I suggest you do to fix the issue:

  • Create a new project, and drag all of your binder’s contents from the current project to the new one.
  • Close both, share the new one with your collaborator.
  • Then he should pick out any files that are missing from the new project (ones he could see in the old one but you couldn’t), and drag those into the new project.
  • Archive the old project and continue working on the new copy.

By doing it this way, any metadata you may have (synopsis, document notes, keywords…) should all be present in the new project. From that point forward, you would double-click on the only .scrivx file that exists, which will mirror the name of the project.

I’ve said this often before, but in my experience,
the only successful use of a cloud service is to
BACKUP the project files in ZIP format.
Use the File: Backup command and check the ZIP option.
Otherwise, the complex structure of a project
May break down during file transfer.