Project Target and Changing the Default Folder

I am using a template created by someone else. Evidently, the default folder is what they listed as the outline folder and the manuscript folder is just another folder. How can I change the default to the manuscript folder? I need to be able to track project statistics from the manuscript folder and not the outline.


It is not possible to point this tool at anything but what you are referring to as the manuscript folder. To be technically accurate, that is actually the “Draft” folder, though you can rename it to whatever you like (might be you’ve been using a template that had changed the name from “Draft” to “Manuscript”, as some of our built-in templates do).

So it might be all you need to do is rename the “Outline” folder to “Manuscript”?

Changing the name in the binder doesn’t seem to do it. The folder titled Manuscript isn’t the default folder, and I’m not sure how to make it the default folder. I can get the Project totals to partially work w/ this folder by changing the Compile settings to look at current selection, but I can’t get Session Target to work.

It is impossible to redefine, delete or move from the top level, the Draft folder. It is a permanent fixture in the binder that there is only one of. So the key is to move your stuff into it, rather than try and redefine whatever folder your stuff is currently in, if that makes sense.

It is possible to rename it, as already mentioned, or to even change its icon. So if you can’t find it, just use the Contents compile pane drop-down where you selected “Current Selection” and check the top of that menu. Whatever you see at the very top is the Draft.

Okay, thanks. I’ll do that…or just go back to my old template since that seems to be set up correctly.