Project target - counts not updating

A couple of minor annoyances I’ve encountered with Project Targets during NaNoWriMo…

My setup: I’m running Scrivener 2.8 on OSX Sierra and on iOS 10 (iPhone and iPad), all syncing nicely! However Project Targets on the Mac is misbehaving:

  1. The daily count isn’t resetting after midnight, even though I have the box checked. I can do some typing in the evening, and next morning part of my total is (usually?) still there. I don’t think it happens every time - I will have to watch it more closely to try and replicate it accurately. I generally end up subtracting yesterday’s total from the current total to get my true daily count. However it may be related to…

  2. After syncing with the mobile version, the totals aren’t always in sync. Case in point: I did a little typing (~150 words) this morning on the Mac, synced my iPhone, did some more typing on the iPhone and synced it when I got home, then logged into my laptop and synced Scrivener when it prompted me to. The new documents were all there and the day’s word count showed 651, which sounds about right, but the total word count was slightly less than the previous day! I think the deficit is because I deleted a short file, but that suggests the program is picking up deletions but not additions. I fixed the total by closing the project and reopening.

Is this just another manifestation of Scrivener not updating totals for files you haven’t clicked on this session? Or am I doing something wrong?

There is a Reset button above the session progress bar for cases where for whatever reason the automated reset didn’t work right. As for why, do you ever write over midnight? The alternate option to reset “on the following day” might work better for you in that case, otherwise you will wake up to whatever count you wrote from midnight on to 1am or whatever.

For the session count it depends on how you delete, if you select the file in the binder and trash it or move it out of the draft, that doesn’t count as a deletion. If you select all of the text in a file and press backspace, that does. Pasting text into the editor counts as “typing”, but importing the text from a file into the binder does not (nor would duplicating a file in the binder).

So yes, since the total is not tracking anything other than the literal bulk of words, we can thus write 651 new words in a day, but delete 5,430 and thus have a total that is 4,779 fewer words than yesterday. One tracks you typing and editing activity, the other tracks the product of those actions.

If you feel that is the problem, or that the total is jumping around when you click on things or reload, then you might just need to clean out the search index. The real-time progress tracker doesn’t use the actual text files, that would be far too slow, it uses the word count in the central search index. Reset that by clicking on the File menu, holding down the Option key on your keyboard, and selecting the command that will appear to “Save and Rebuild Search Indexes”. That should immediately fix the problem with no reload necessary.

Thanks for the explanations, Amber! I have definitely moved files into the trash rather than deleting their contents, so I’ll update the search indexes and see what happens.

No, I never write in the middle of the night - I’m a lark, not an owl! That said, I don’t shut my laptop down very often, and I’ve noticed that it sometimes downloads emails overnight even though the lid is closed and it should be hibernating, so maybe Scrivener thinks I’m still awake?

Anyway, it was OK this morning, so I have no more data on that behaviour.

Oh that’s an interesting thought; that is an actual feature of the Mac, in the Energy preference panel, look for a “Power Nap” flag. I can’t really think of many good reasons to leave that on. One of the best ways to short the life of your hardware is to continually power it on and off over and over.

To clarify that shouldn’t ordinarily be necessary, and not for something as mundane, in a data sense, as moving a file from one folder to another (sure the folder in question is “Trash” and it has a dedicated shortcut and buttons for moving items to it, but until you empty the trash, it’s just another folder in your binder).

Or to put it another way, when the search index needs to be reset that indicates something has gone wrong in the past (from lightning strikes to Dropbox sync errors to crashing to permission issues, the reasons are less important than the symptom because the reasons are legion). Under optimum and normal conditions this isn’t something you’d have to do on a regular basis.


I’m also getting the project targets not updating at midnight issue. Occurs intermittently. And sometimes will alter during the day. For example, earlier today I completed a session and met my target for the day. When I reopened this evening, the words for the day had increased even though I hadn’t added to the project. The other day, I noticed my session target changed majorly between one session and a next (It increased by about 1000 words even though I am slightly ahead of target wordcount and words per day target should decrease slightly). If I check the target at the start of the first session for the day, I can reset manually and be okay but don’t always remember to do that and then you end up having to manually calculate your words for the day etc.

I also get an issue where I can sync a project to IOS and even though the wordcount/session target etc was displaying correctly on the Mac, it hasn’t reset from the previous day on IOS. I can get it to reset correctly sometimes by re-syncing or by closing IOS and going back to the mac and re-opening and closing the project. It’s not a big thing but does get frustrating when I’m trying to hit word count for a couple of projects during the day and not sure what the target actually is when it hasn’t reset properly.

This has only been happening with the latest version of Scriv, I don’t remember encountering this issue before even if I sometimes wrote over midnight, it always reset at midnight which I’m fine with. I’m using Scriv on Mac running El Capitan and my IOS is 10.2.1 on a 7+.

It’s really difficult to test for these things without detailed configuration information (all of the numbers you’ve put in, all of the settings used) in addition to as much procedural information that it takes to reproduce the condition reliably on your machine. If it’s just something you saw once and never again, and no matter what you try it doesn’t happen again, then odds are high we’ll never see it either, and if we never see it there is no way to track down a potential bug.

I created a test project with a goal of 10 words and a deadline of Wednesday then had it calculate daily goals (5 words per day of course); no other changes to options. I typed in five “words”, so that the session bar turned green, then closed the project and set the Mac’s system clock to 22:30 this evening. I reopened the project and everything was precisely as I left it. So there must be more to it than just those steps.

Not sure what info you would need:

On the Mac version my project target settings are:
Count documents included in compile only (yes)
Include documents in current compile group only (yes)
Deadline is set (have had it happen in projects ranging from a few weeks away deadline to several months)
Reset session at midnight
Count text anywhere in project (no)
Allow negatives (no)
Automatically calculate from deadline (yes)
Writing days (all seven)
Allow writing on day of deadline (yes)
Show target notifications (yes)

I don’t think I’ve changed any settings from default in the iOS version.
I haven’t really changed much in the default Mac settings either afaik.

As I said, it happens randomly, it has happened several different ways (not resetting, not target not updating on iOS after sync, target changing on Mac). It has happened on several different projects of varying sizes. I am generally working on multiple projects each day.The target is often the first thing I check when I open the project on Mac and the last thing I check before closing. On iOs, ditto after syncing though obviously on that you have to click into a document and get the keyboard open to display the wordcount first. I try to sync iOS after I finish on the mac for the day but sometimes might not sync until the following morning. As it’s fairly recently I’ve been noticing it. I updated Scriv to the version I’m running on December 15 and I don’t remember this happening prior to that.

I’ll ask my scriv using friends to see if anyone else has had the issue and see what settings they are using.

Ideally I need what information it takes to cause the problem to happen 100% of the time. If it only happens randomly then my odds of coming across it are also random, but potentially zero if I don’t have some necessary condition in the mix.

Would you say at any point you’ve noticed the math being wrong. If you subtract the current words written from the total goal and then divide that by the days left and round up the result, is the session goal in error?

No, the session goal hasn’t been wrong in terms of total words written over the sessions since it last reset. The only math glitch I noticed was the one instance when my target daily wordcount suddenly increased by a significant amount even though I made goal and therefore it should decrease. It corrected when I quit and reopened from memory.

The 1,000 jump aside, I wonder then if it has something to do with the “allow negatives” capability, or perhaps some other option available on the Mac but not iOS that is leading to an expectation that doesn’t add up once the numbers are tallied by sync, so the math is recalculated and results in a different session goal than you’d expect.

Hi, I have a similar problem, but have been able to track where the problem might be:

When I drag folders or texts from different scrivener files, these don’t add to the progress bar word count. When I cut and copy paste them within the same document, it suddenly appears on the progress bar.

I am using Mac OSX 10.11.6
on Macbook Pro (Mid 2009)
Scrivener version

That is expected behaviour, as described in the user manual, pg. 308:

“The session target only counts anything typed or pasted into a main text view (either of the editors or the composition mode editor) it does not count imported documents or appended text and so forth (so you can’t cheat!). If you find yourself in a situation where you want to start fresh, because the counter is off, you can use the Reset button above the Session Target progress bar to reset the counter to zero.”