Project Target deadline not resetting

Project Target>Session Target>Options>Deadline

Deadline won’t move past December 17, 2021. Need to move into 2022!

If you click just the year and then click the up-arrow next to the Deadline field, doesn’t the year increment? It should go way past 2021. The other fields should work similarly. (A calendar control seems like it would be a better choice for this field, though.)

And are you using version 3.1.1?

Hmmmm…last night Win 11 updated. This morning, Scrivener will allow me to change the date and year (2022!) but not the month (still stuck on Dec). I’m guessing the problem is tied to Win 11’s calendar function? Since there are a number of other irritations caused by Win 11, I’m perfectly willing to blame Microsoft, and since the deadline for Project Target isn’t critical, I’ll just wait for the remaining little glitch to magically resolve itself. Otherwise, I like Scrivener 3 very much (though I wish it’d stay open when I close the last file like it used to).