Project Target is NOT working

After the last update my Target is NOT working. When I bring it up, the session target seems to work but the top section is stuck at 0. (There are over 60k words written here). The top section is marked ‘rid Target’, but I think it used to say something else and I have no idea what rid stands for.

Also, even when the session target shows a number of words, the ‘rid Target’ still reads 0.

I sort of depend on the Target feature, since I have multiple projects in the works and upcoming deadlines.


Try running the menu option Tools->Save and Rebuild Search Indexes on each project that’s exhibiting this problem. I’ve seen that help others with word counts not updating after the latest upgrades on both Mac and Windows versions.

I tried that but it still isn’t working. :frowning: I opened a few different projects and noticed that instead of the normal ‘Manuscript Target’ at the top of the Target window, one says ‘rid Target’ and another says ‘??? Target’.