Project Target Issue

Just updated to Scrivener 2.5.0 for mac last week and my session target counter no longer works; i.e. it does not count any words (or characters, nothing) toward a session target. The overall project target is still working/counting. I’ve tried every possible way to change the settings, but it stays at 0.

Is this something you have tested in a new blank project as well, or is it only happening in an existing project? If the latter, check the [b]Options[/b] button and make sure that none of the settings here are amiss. One obvious one that could cause this effect is if the settings were such that only text in the Draft folder is counted—but you are accustomed to it counting text typed in throughout the entire project.

Hi Amber,

You have helped me rectify this! It was an issue with my options settings, though I thought I went through all the possibilities yesterday. Sorry for jumping the gun and posting here, but it’s great to have the help for this awesome software. Thank you!

No worries!