Project Target Options

I am very much a newbie to the software and I know that there is a steep learning curve. I have searched the forums about my question and found no answers. Please help.
I am trying to give myself some deadlines to help with motivation. I go to project then project targets and I see the manuscript and session target parts to put in my overall goal, but the only option I have is whether or not to count the words of “documents included in compile only”
I want to have it do the math for me of how many words to write per day to achieve the goal by a specified time, but there is no option button to bring up a place to set the deadline and what days I’ll be writing like I see in tutorial videos on youtube (they were on a mac). Is this not a possibility on a Windows computer? If it is, where do I go? I’ve also checked project statistics and did all kinds of searches.
Yours in frustration,