Project target - session

My session target doesn’t reset when I restart Scrivener. I have to manually do that–not a big deal, but I always forget :wink:

I’m using version 2.1.

This is actually a new feature. :slight_smile: Many users complained at how the session word or character count got reset whenever they reopened Scrivener on the same day - the overwhelming consensus was that a “session target” should be persistent throughout the day, even if you closed and reopened Scrivener, only resetting at midnight.

However, there is a bug here - if you close Scrivener after midnight and reopen it later, the target won’t get reset; it only gets reset if you tick “Automatically reset at midnight” in the options. I’ve just fixed this so that if you close the project after midnight and reopen it later, the count does now get reset. It is still persistent throughout the day unless you reset it though.

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I guess I’m in the minority, then. To me, a session means while Scrivener is open :slight_smile:

I don’t have the midnight box checked because I am a night owl and that would mess me up.

In any case, I still don’t understand what a “session” is. When does the session target get zeroed if the midnight option is not checked? Never?

I’ve been a little confused by that check box myself, but I think I have it worked out (Keith, please correct me if I’m wrong):

If Scrivener is open at midnight, your word count progress will be set to zero.

Not checked:
If Scrivener is open when midnight rolls by, your word count will continue to accumulate. Once you close Scrivener, the word count will be set to zero* at that point.

I was one of the people clamoring for the session target to retain my progress even if I closed Scrivener, because I treat it as a daily word count tracker. This feature allows me to write whenever I have access to my computer without having leave Scrivener open all the time. It’s also handy for when I’m a little fumble-fingered, and accidently do a CMD-W to close what I thought was the tab on my browser, when Scrivener was actually the front-most application. This happens a lot if you have two monitors, or a laptop with an external monitor.

  • Except that the bug Keith mentioned prevents this from happening.

My “session” counter never seems to reset and I often have my computer open past midnight.

Would having “day counter” and “session counter” options work better?

I want to know how much I write in a session, which for me is how long Scrivener is open (regardless of midnight).

The problem with it never resetting was the bug I already explained up-thread.

You make a valid point, though, and Ioa and I have been discussing it in light of this thread. I have now changed it so that “Automatically reset at midnight” has become “Automatically reset counts at midnight only”. If that is ticked (and it will be ticked by default), then the session word count will be remembered between sessions during a day, and then automatically reset at midnight. If it’s not ticked, you’ll get the old behaviour, whereby the session word count will be reset each time you close and reopen the project.

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Thank you for the quick follow-up and kind explanation :slight_smile:

I think befuddled writers are still going to be a bit confused by the rewording. Is it easy/possible to have a drop-down (like the Document Notes/Project Notes drop-down) instead of a check-box, so the phrase would be:

Automatically reset counts [at midnight/when project closes].