Project Target Window apparenty offscreen on new mac

I just got a new mac. I have three monitors. When I Show Project Targets, it clearly acts as if a window is opening, but it is not on any of my screens. I suspect it is offscreen. How can I get it back?

Thank you!

The Project Targets window location is stored on a per project basis. So does this condition persist across all projects, even new ones you’ve created just to test this?

If it looks to just be an issue with some of your projects, then it could be that when you moved everything over to the new Mac, it included settings for Scrivener that are no long optimal for the new machine and its display size. I would run through the preferences reset checklist. This procedure will save and restore your important settings, while simultaneously resetting a bunch of project-specific window dimension and placement settings that may no longer be of use to you.

Tags edited to reflect that this is a MacOS, not iOS, question.

Thank you so much! This worked.