Project target wordcount including annotations

During Nano, I commented that I had to use a bit of a manual wordcount process as I had notes as highlights and a writing session would involve writing copy then deleting the notes. It was suggested that I write my notes as annotations, then the words wouldn’t count.

I have now converted all my highlighted notes to inline annotations. In Statistics -> Options, I have ticked both ‘Count current compile group only’ and ‘Exclude comments and annotations’. That works fine so far as statistics are concerned: my annotations are not included in the total wordcount.

However, it doesn’t work for the Targets. When I delete an inline annotation, it deducts those words from my wordcount in the session target. Can anyone tell me how to fix this? As without it, the session targets aren’t a lot of use.

I now have a clunky solution. Don’t allow negative wordcounts, cut the annotation (leaving session count at zero) and paste it back in (increasing session count by the number of words in the annotation, which then get deducted again when the annotation is deleted at the end).

But if there’s a proper way to do it, that would be good. :slight_smile:

There’s not a proper way, I’m afraid. The problem is that these word counts (unlike the project statistic ones) have to be fast, since they update live while you are typing. I thus have the word count constantly calculated as you edit the text, using a simple word recognising method in the Cocoa frameworks. For the live word count to omit annotations and footnotes, it would have to keep an eye on the formatting, too, constantly checking the bounds of the current formatting to look out for these features, and for changes to it. It then becomes more than a simple increase/decrease word count based on current input and risks slowing down typing.

All the best,

Ah, that makes sense. Clunky workaround it is, then!