Project Target


I am having trouble with the Session Target in the Project Target Window. It refuses to calculate the number of days left to anything other than zero even though I have repeatedly changed the Deadline Date in an effort to get it to recalculate.

Please let me know what I am doing wrongly or what I need to do to correct this.

Regards Paul

Does it work if you change the year to a four-figure date? 2017 rather than 17?

I tried to change it to a four figure date but it would not accept the entry.

It doesn’t allow you to write any numbers?

You should be able to put your cursor in the first deadline cell and then tab across to the year and enter a four-digit year. What happens when you try to do that? Does the Mac beep to signify an error?

What happens if you tab into the year and then use the up/down arrows to adjust the setting?

[attachment=0]Project Target Options.png[/attachment]