Project Targets and Annotations

Is there a way to omit inline annotations from the session and manuscript targets? I know I can compile and get a more accurate word count, but I like to keep the Targets window open to track my progress while I write. I make a lot of notes to myself using annotations, and would rather not count those toward my target totals.


I’m afraid there isn’t at the moment. In order to keep things fast, the live word counts for the project targets and the document targets (as well as the general document word count in the editor footer) just add up all the words displayed in the editor, including the annotations and footnotes. You can use Project Statistics to get a more accurate count of the draft and the selected document, using the compile settings (without actually going through compile). I know it’s not quite the same–not a target and it can’t hover like the Project Targets can–but it’s the best way at present to get a fine-tuned count.