Project targets and dealine

The project targets window seem to lack some of the features that appear in the user manual (page 273), such as setting a deadline, writing days and so on. How do I activate these options?


targets windows.png

You must have got hold of the Mac user manual. Did you get it from the Help menu in Scrivener, the Templates chooser window, or did you download it from the Lit & Lat website? In any event, that enhancement is probably going to show up in version 2, if my guess is worth anything, as it didn’t show up in the Mac version until version 2.

The manual (from the help menu in the desktop application) seems to have been written for both platforms. It says:
“To open the Project Targets Options window, choose Project -> Show Project Targets, and then click the Options button. (Windows users , choose Project -> Project Targets .). The Project Targets Options window appears , as shown in Figure 14-2”

My Scrivener Help > Scrivener Manual brings up a pdf with a title page showing:
Scrivener for Microsoft Windows
February, 2013
Revision: 1.5.0-01c

Also, there are no figures in chapter 14.
And, page 273 is in Appendix B, Corrections.

The actual file is here:
C:\Program Files\Scrivener\resources\manual-win-letter.pdf

Project targets get little treatment in this manual. Searching for ‘targets’ gets a total of 14 hits.

I’m on Windows XP.

Okay, that’s really odd. I also have a windows install, and there’s nothing about the deadline feature (from the Mac version) in the manual.