Project Targets counting words it shouldn't

I’ve got a copy of the tutorial for Windows open under Windows 7; I created an “untitled” document in the Research folder, then opened Project Targets. The “Documents included in compile only” check-box is checked. When I enter a word in the Untitled file, both the Draft and Sesson Targets tick up by one. Even if I un-select “Include in Compile”, it continues to track words in this non-Draft document.

Note that my compile setting at the bottom of the “Contents” compile pane is for “Included Documents”.

The session target counts text added in the editor anywhere, whether or not the document is included in compile, so that’s correct. I can’t reproduce the problem of the Draft count including the words though. That should only be taking from the actual Draft folder, and then only from those files with “Include in compile” ticked, if set that way in the Targets. (Note though that after the targets are initially calculated, deselecting “Include in compile” for Draft documents while the Targets dialog is open won’t affect the count until text is added or removed from a Draft document or until the targets are closed and reopened.) Does this happen in a new project too?

Now I can’t reproduce the main (Draft Target accumulating words) issue. However, the Session target counting words for documents outside of the compile group is not consistent with the way the mac version works with the same setting turned on, so that’s why I assumed it was also a bug.

The Windows version isn’t caught up yet with all the newer features of the Mac version, so it’s still working more like the 1.54 Mac version. Currently the “include documents only” setting is just for the Draft count, and it doesn’t yet take into account a specific compile group, if you’re compiling only a subsection of the Draft or a collection. It shouldn’t have been counting that document outside of the Draft though, so I don’t know what was going on there. Let me know if you get it again!