Project Targets in Sidebar

I don’t know, if this has already been suggested, or if it is actually possible, searching the forums for “project targets” and “inspector” returns so many results, that I feel unwilling to read them all. I’m sorry, if this is a double post.

Now to my feature request:

I work on a laptop. The screen of my laptop is small. I have Scrivener zoomed in to fit the whole screen. But I need to see my project targets constantly, because I’m writing for a specific word count. Unfortunately, the project target pop up floats in front of my work space, and I find myself constantly closing and opening it or moving it around, to view and access the text or functions that lie below it.

It would be wonderful, if it were possible to view the project targets as part of the left (under the Binder) or right (above the Synopsis) sidebar. Either would be fine, an option to select both would be perfect. I never use the Synopsis, or Document Notes, in fact I only ever use the Label and Status options in the Inspector, so there is enough unused screen estate there for me to place the project targets.

Thanks for considering this!

Otherwise a happy Scrivener user :slight_smile:

This has come up a few times, and we’re currently thinking about how it could work in a future version. The current thinking is that the footer bar may be the best place for it.

Hmm, thank you, but only if the footer does not get any higher. Vertical screen space is even more scarce than horizontal.
I would prefer it in the side bar. I like how the modules in the sidebar can be expanded or closed like in Photoshop. Obviously we can never have everything available at the same time. It’s the general shortcoming of computer work, compared to a large desktop and floor that allow me to spread out everything side by side. I really miss working with pen and paper!
I like the square compactness of the pop up and the comments that explain the bars, and I worry that putting this all in one line in the footer bar will render it less informative. But the footer is not the worst place to put this info, if everyone else tends towards that option.
Maybe you can offer an option to select where we want it? But I guess that’s too much programming trouble …
Anyway, thanks for your reply, and I’m glad you’re trying to make this work.

Btw, is there an overall statistic of past days? I’d like to be able to look up how much I did each day over the course of my writing. I can’t see to find that.

The footer bar would not need to get higher. This sort of thing doesn’t really belong in the “inspector”, although we played with the idea.

There is no way to track the statistics of past days - for that you just need to note your word count down in a spreadsheet at the end of each day.

All the best,

Thank you :slight_smile:

If I wanted to write a plugin for Scrivener that stores the word count into an XML file whenever Scrivener (auto)saves a project, how would I go about that?