Project Targets incorrectly adding to wordcount

With the box checked to only include documents in the compile, the wordcount on the project targets tracker is being raised when typing in documents which are unchecked.

This makes it impossible to accurately assess number of words written on a project (and not the notes, etc. that go along with it) at this point, and I’ve had to resort to marking down the number of words in each individual document that I do want, and then doing the math at the end of the day.


Have attempted to restart the program, check and uncheck all relevant boxes, etc. All to no avail.

The checkbox only affects the Draft target count at the top of the project targets dialog; it has no effect on the session count, which at this point does just count all words added throughout the project, in any folder. We do have plans for enhancing this to allow for refining what should and should not affect the word count.

Well, consider it another request for that feature then. :slight_smile: