Project Targets Issue

I’m not sure if this is a known bug (I didn’t see the list of them), but I’ve been having trouble with the Project Targets window.

  1. Scrivener was not including older text files in the manuscript target (even though they were marked for compile). On most of the text pages, it was listing the word count at 0 even though words were there. I copied out and pasted back in all the text, which has fixed it at least temporarily.

  2. When I reset the daily target in the menu it’s not going back to 0, it’s going back to random negative numbers, anywhere from -600 to -18,000.

I can confirm that this has happened to me, also, at least half a dozen times, if not more.

Scrivener v1.9.7.0 - 06 Oct 2016, Win10 64bit

I’m also experiencing the session target bug OP reported - tonight I had my session target set for 3000 words, wrote 4112, and when I reset my session target counter at midnight, it told me I was now at -2473 of 3000 words. It’s sort of a minor annoyance, I guess, but it’s still an annoyance! Anyone with any advice on how to get it to reset to 0 properly, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

I have this same issue. When I hit reset, instead of it going to zero, it goes to -21.

Restarted my laptop and the counter went to zero. I hit reset to see if it would go back to -21 and it stayed at zero. For the time being the issue appears to be resolved. Will update reply if issue reoccurs.

Unfortunately it seems that bugs for the current version are not being addressed for some time. Even recognised and simple ones. As happy as I am that L&L is putting a lot of effort into the v.3, one may not forget that some have acquired the current version only months ago and will not get the free v.3 upgrade. Therefore, the current version should be maintained/updated for a minimum time period.
Please let us have some feedback on this behalf.
Thanks and respectful regards.

the bug is still there, marking session target as 0 every time…