Project targets not counting words

Hi, it appears that even if “Count documents included in compile only” is NOT selected, when a document is not selected for compile, new words written in it are not counted towards the session target. However, when the document IS selected for compile, while the “Count documents included in compile only” remains NOT selected, then its words are counted towards the session target.

Hope my description of the behavior makes sense, even if the behavior itself is not making a lot of sense to me :wink:

Any ideas?

Correct, it’s a little subtle, but if you look closely at the options panel for Project Targets, you’ll find this checkbox specifically only pertains to the Draft count. You should find that it functions logically in all cases. But it has no impact on the session counter.

Basically the reason these two work differently is that one is a full count of all work, no matter when it was written, while the other is monitoring your output and counting up the net total of your activity, completely regardless of the underlying count. An option that selectively includes or removes items from a total count wouldn’t have any place in something that monitors your activity.

Hopefully that makes more sense. :slight_smile:

Got it. So does that mean the Session Target only counts documents that are set to “Include In Compile”?

If so, does that also mean that any words I write in a document I did not know was excluded from the compile will not be counted in that day’s session?

Correct, it will assume that you are aware of which documents are included or excluded as the latter will never be counted under any circumstances. If that isn’t a good assumption, the checkbox is a bit out of the way after all—if you use it fluidly rather than in a static sense, such as only for chapter notes that are never meant to compile—then you may want to find another way to do what you are doing with the checkbox. Let me know if that’s the case, and what you are using it for, if you need tips. There are usually several approaches that will accomplish what the checkboxes do.