Project Targets not registering total

I’ve started a new project and set my Project Targets, which I use often. The session count is showing accurately, but no matter what I do, the total count for the project shows zero. I have about 4000 words so far, and I have each text document checked to include in compile. I then have it marked in the targets to count documents included in compile.

I used this program to write my previous book, and the targets worked just fine for that one. However, I updated Scrivener two nights ago, right before starting this project, and now the target won’t work correctly. Is it something in the update? Is there a setting I’m not seeing? (Highly possible.) I haven’t done anything differently from the previous project, so it’s driving me nuts that this won’t work.

Any and all help appreciated.

First, sanity check, are the documents within the Draft folder in your project? Regardless of their compile checkbox setting, they’ll only count toward the total if they’re contained in the Draft (as only documents in the Draft are available for compile). It could be they’re beneath the Draft folder in the binder but at the same level rather than being its subdocuments, in which case you should be able to select them all and then drag them onto the Draft folder to drop them into the correct place.

I didn’t even know it was possible to create files outside the Draft folder. Thank goodness it was something that simple. And thanks for the answer. There’s so much about this software that I don’t know.

Great, glad it was an easy fix! And educational, to boot. :wink: You can create or import files anywhere within the binder, so you could create new root-level folders for other reference materials, old versions of your manuscript, etc. Whatever floats your boat.