Project targets not resetting

I swear I saw where this was fixed, but if I set the session targets to reset at 3 am (since I routinely write past midnight and don’t want to reset in the middle of a session), they don’t reset. It seems like it won’t reset unless my computer is on, and I shut down completely at night.

The session counts should reset even if you computer is completely shut down at night. This works properly in our tests, laurav. Please, verify that you have also set the correct AM/PM time.

At set time each day:

3:00 AM

Still not working. Here’s a screenshot of my settings:

Here’s the project targets as of noon today

And here’s the writing history showing that the number of words reflects today’s writing and yesterday’s added together.

My computer was not on at 7am, but as you can see, the project targets did not reset. They never do unless I set it to midnight. Which I do’t want to do because I’m often in a writing session at that time. I was not, however, last night. My computer was turned off before midnight.