Project Targets not showing

I love the Project Targets feature and use it religiously, but for the last few days it simply hasn’t shown up. Whether I click on it in the menu or use the keyboard shortcut, the window never pops up, even if the option is highligted in the menu like it’s supposed to be showing. I’ve restarted both my laptop and Scrivener multiple times and done some general cleanup on my laptop too. I thought it might be because I’ve been using a second screen and the window was hiding somewhere, but I’ve looked EVERYWHERE and I can’t find it. I’ve changed the settings a hundred ways too. No luck.
Help! I can’t write without it and I’m on a deadline, hahaha.

Can you see the counts in the quick search window of the toolbar when you hover over it? Are you getting to targets by menu, or toolbar icon or both and what version of scrivener do you have. Is this all projects or just one?
And just to be sure have you made sure the boxes for including compiled documents are checked in the options panel???

Perhaps you toggled float window, in the window menu?
[EDIT] Nevermind that, that ain’t it. (Wasn’t at my computer at the time…)

But you know you can see project and session targets when hovering the quick search bar ?
And documents targets at the bottom of the editor ?
No need to call the popup each time…