Project Targets Panel stops incrementing

I’m not certain about this one, Keith. I could have been sleeping. But this is
what I think happened:

I was editing with my project targets panel showing. I then used split at
section to create three new documents. After doing so, I noticed that the
progress bar and numerical indicator in the project targets panel had reset to
zero. As I continued typing into the docs, the counters in the project targets
panel did not increment.

On quit and relaunch. The project target panel behaved normally again.


I will look into it, but if you can find the exact steps to reproduce this every time, that would be very helpful.


I’m getting this too, Keith. I’m on a MacBook Pro, running Scrivener 1.3. (And, incidentally, trying to finish a book on a tight deadline.)

I’m writing in a document within the Draft folder and decide I need to split it into two documents, within a folder that is itself within the Draft folder. When I do this, the word count for my session zeros out. I did not move any of the just-written text out of the Draft folder, which I’ve noticed does affect the session count, and rightly so, since the overall word count for the project would decrease if I did. I did not check the Draft Target word count before splitting the document, however, so I’m not sure if that number was also affected.

Needless to say, as this makes it appear that my morning’s work has vanished, I’m bummed out. But it’s also frustrating on a practical level because my work day is completely centered around making that daily quota of words, and I’m not sure where I am now.

This is a bug in 1.03. Basically, when you delete text, that is subtracted from your word count. If it takes you below 0, then the display will show 0 until you have entered the same number of words you deleted. That part of the behaviour is not a bug, but intended behaviour - the word/character count shows your aggregate, so if you delete some it is only right that you should have to make up for them. :slight_smile: However, the part that is a bug is that when you use Split at Selection or Split with Selection at Title, Scrivener mistakenly thinks you have deleted all that text.

This is fixed for 1.1. You can download the 1.1 beta (1.08 - quite stable) from the Beta Testing forum (be sure to delete all older copies of Scrivener first).

All the best,

Thanks, Keith. I’ve been staying away from the beta out of (possibly superstitious) fears about using a less-tested application to write my baby, but I’m willing to switch if it’ll get me around this annoying bug. So I just delete the application file and replace it with the new one? No danger that this will damage my current project? I had some bad experiences with the old Sticky Brain, so I’m skittish

Yep, that’s right. It will ask you to update your current project as there are some slight changes in the project format, but it will make a copy of the project as it is now during the update process just for safety.

Note that the beta is actually more tested. It fixes bugs that people have found in the current release version as well as adding some new, minor features. Other than that, it is the same underlying code as the current release (the betas I tend to be wary of are those that are complete rewrites). Moreover, the new beta has been extensively tested on Leopard, so it’s forward-compatible. It will become the official 1.1 release very soon.

All the best,