Project Targets Stuck

This morning, I wrote 762 words in a project in Scrivener on my Macbook Air. I then got out of bed :astonished: and transferred the project to my iMac where I continued to write in Scrivener. However, my day’s total written words stayed at 762 according to the project target window. The total number of words in the project also did not go up (even though I wrote another 900+ words on my iMac).

Closing and re-opening Scrivener did not help. Tonight I’ve transferred that project back to my Macbook Air and Project Target window for today still says I have only written 762 words. I type more words, but the totals do not change.

Any ideas? I have checked for updates and I’m told I have the latest version.

Perhaps words written in bed get counted differently? :unamused: :laughing:

Anything under the OPTIONS button limiting what is being counted?


Straws. At. Clutching.

You may have something there, Briar.

This morning, I compiled most of my novel into a Word file to send to a friend. I made sure I didn’t compile the bit at the end which I hadn’t edited yet. So I unticked some files in the compile list. Then I wrote more words.

I’ve now re-ticked them and did a compile to save everything. That increased my total word count (yay!). The daily word count is still stuck at 762, but that could be because of the fiddling about (technical term). My daily target is due to re-set at midnight and hopefully tomorrow all will be working fine again. I’ll see what happens tomorrow and let you know.

Thank you for your swift response.

Words written in bed are certainly more cozy :laughing:

Expect a dev or another user will come up with a proper answer for you. Some progress at least.


All fixed! At least as far as words written in bed this morning are concerned. 8)

It seems I had selected as an option to count folders in compile only, then compiled the project by unticking documents with nothing in them. So when I went to write in those documents, they didn’t count.

Re-ticking and a new day with a new daily word target has sorted that.


J-O-Y :stuck_out_tongue: