Project targets, suggestion

The manuscript target is fine.

My problem is with the word count of the session target, which get reset every time Scrivener shuts down. Given that there is a reset button for it, then it makes sense that it should return the running total until the reset button is pressed. Given the existing shortcoming in Scrivener in that it doesn’t record daily word count totals (unlike some other products), this unhelpful act of automatically resetting the session word count means that is isn’t even possible to count the words written in a day. That’s not very helpful. My preference would be that it resets only when the reset button is pressed.

Yeah, there will be more options for this. Just as many people want it to work the way it does, and so if we changed it to always be manual there would be people posting about how they always have to remember to click the reset when they start for the day. :slight_smile: To those that don’t remember it is equally unhelpful to have 9,000 words when they remember to pull up the session counter, rather than the 2,000 they actually just wrote.

Solution is options: and there will be a goodly number of those coming down the pipeline.