Project Targets Word Count Errors

Hi all,

I’ve submitted this issue to support and have had a great response from Scrivener as they try and work through it, but I was hoping by posting here there might be others with the same issue that could benefit from the discussion.

Since the latest update I have had major problems with my word counts in Project Targets. (It might be worthwhile to note that the automatic updater gave me an error and I had to manually download latest version and install myself)

The session count randomly jumps all over the place, adding several hundred words or subtracting several hundred with no reason, several times a session. Or it will reset itself halfway through a session and I lose track of my progress completely. These jumps DO affect the Manuscript Target number as well, which means the total word count in that window is now completely unreliable as a result.

When I check Project Statistics the total word count is accurate and it seems to be working properly, but the two total word counts never agree with each other by a margin of several thousand words now and growing.

Anyone else having similar problem? It’s really frustrating as I cannot rely on the Targets window at all, and have to manually write down my starting total from the Statistics box and then subtract from the total at the end of my session to get the day’s progress.

It is not related to what is being compiled at all - those variables have been ruled out. Without changing anything I can see the two word totals diverging more every day.

Any ideas?

I don’t have much to add here save “me too”. Unhelpfully, I’m using the Linux version of the software, but given that that’s compiled from the Windows code it’s clearly the same bug.

I’ve switched to hand-calculating things from the Project Statistics information as you suggest (or an open spreadsheet with the right formulas actually makes an interesting record for the super-lazy or mathematically challenged).

Great to know the team are aware of the issue and are working on it. A minor annoyance in otherwise spectacular software.

Thanks for the reports! We believe we have fixed this for the next release, which we’ll be getting out shortly.

Awesome! That is great news, thanks.

I just experienced the same problem. I was writing along and up to around 1500 words for the session, then the next time I looked, it was down to 580. I had duplicated some pages (in order to preserve some footnotes and icons), cut the text, and added new words to each. But the net gain, calculated from manuscript targets, doesn’t match what’s in the session. My manuscript has increased by 2696 words but the session shows 1162 – all writing done this morning between 5 and 10 am. What gives???

I’m doing NaNoWriMo so I REALLY need accurate daily totals!

Thanks for the report. It looks like because of the way the project targets count text in the editor, if you duplicate a container, the text of the subdocuments does not get added to the total until that document is edited again. Once you’ve made a change to the document–just add a space and then backspace, for instance–the count will increase to include the full document text.

For now I’d suggest avoiding duplicating with subdocuments; instead, make a multiple selection of all the items you want to duplicate and use the Documents > Duplicate > without Subdocuments command.