Project template for teachers/classes?


I’m a teacher and last semester I used Scrivener to organize my classes. It was super helpful to be able to keep all my readings, videos, class notes, etc all in one place.

I don’t remember which template I used, but in the “Draft” section I had a document for each class, or sometimes a folder with multiple documents if we were covering multiple topics. It helped both in the teaching and also during the process of putting the class together—I used it sort of as a notepad/idea bucket, and then refined those ideas as the first day grew closer.

I was wondering, am I the only person doing this? If not, has anyone ever made a template for teaching? Could be super-useful.


I use Scrivener to organize my classes and have tried various ways to make templates. My school teaches in 10 week sessions, so I organize weekly. I haven’t found any templates online that are more conventional.

Outside of Scivenrr, I am looking at an Evernote/Google Docs/Google Forms combination. I’m not sure if it plays well with Scrivener, yet.