Project Template Selection Problem

For some reason, on this start-up template selection screen it’s not letting me select certain templates. I’m not able to do non-fiction, poetry/lyrics, or miscellaneous. Is this a bug or am I just missing something here?

This is an artefact of running the preview version. The templates are still being fine-tuned and by Nov 1 you’ll have more than you know what to do with. :slight_smile:

You can make your own templates now, and sort them into these sections if you want.

I see. I’m glad it isn’t some unfortunate bug. Thanks for the quick reply! Now off to try it out. :smiley:

I’ve just purchased Scrivener for my Mac, but have a friend who has a PC starting a doctoral program. I showed her my nonfiction templates, including the ‘Paper APA’ template. She was visiting a friend (also with a PC) who is interested in script writing and who purchased Scrivener for Windows a couple of days ago. She said there were no templates under nonfiction. Is that true for the Windows version?

The Windows version has fewer non-fiction templates than the Mac version due to more limited features–the 2.0 Mac version added some new features to compile and the editor specifically to accommodate certain requirements for various academic types like APA, and as the Windows version doesn’t have all these yet, the templates would be of lesser value. The Undergraduate Humanities essay is still a good place to start, as it demonstrates using script settings for different formatting and has some preset compile settings for that, but for the time being you’ll probably need to tweak some final formatting (split headers, for instance, or specific endnote formatting) after compiling to RTF. As Scrivener on Windows develops and catches up with the Mac version, we’ll bulk up the template section to match.

For now there should be four templates in the Non-Fiction category, including the Research Proposal and the Undergraduate Humanities essay. I notice however the other two seem to be missing, so we’ll get those in an update. Meanwhile, I’ve attached them here–these are the General Non-Fiction and Non-Fiction (with Sub-Heads) as the Mac version has.

To install these, just download and unzip the folder on Windows, then from Scrivener’s New Project panel, choose Option > Import Templates… and navigate to the extracted folder to select the .scrivtemplate files. They’ll automatically be put in the Non-Fiction category. (146 KB)

And something you can let your friend know is that templates in Scrivener do not mean capabilities. In other words, the lack of a template doesn’t mean that one cannot do X. All of those templates hail back to the Blank template. There is nothing in them that you can’t do yourself, and in most cases an experienced user would rather do that—or set up their own templates—than always start with the starter. Now, Scrivener cannot do all things—it isn’t a publishing or layout program, which is part of why some of the more rigid format templates have not been included in this round. That will be getting better, but even Mac users need to use a word processor to finish off a project of this nature; it just all a matter of how far toward that the software goes—at what point do you have to step off of Scrivener and switch programs for the remainder of the project.

I’m brand new to Scrivener, as of the Windows release date. So far it looks wonderful, though I haven’t really had a chance to put it through its paces yet. Since it might be a little while before we see these templates officially distributed, does anyone have Windows templates they’ve made and are willing to share for academic term papers. I’m a graduate student in English in the United States and am principally interested in MLA and Chicago styles, though I would also appreciate an APA template.