Project Template size

Hi – so, I’m trying to export a project template I created for using Scrivener for Project Management; when I export, I get a file ~4.5MB in size(!); most templates I see tend to be measured in kb…
The project template has 23 folders, all empty place-holders except for one Note which is just 170 word “How to use this” file.
Four pieces of custom meta-data (3 calendar date, 1 checkbox).
I’m not sure what’s happening… helpful suggestions for sleuthing or solution welcome…

Have you checked all other folders, ans snapshots? Trash?

yes. no snapshots. nothing in trash (was emptied before exporting to template)…

Perhaps there is some large file or image in there that you’ve missed.

Have a look through the .scriv folder for the project, for any larger than expected files. I wouldn’t delete them from outside Scrivener, but perhaps it will give you an idea of where to look in the project itself.

To do this on Windows, I would use Windows Explorer and do a . wildcard search for all the files in the project, and then sort by Size descending. Not sure how to do this on a Mac though… :frowning:


On a Mac you right-click on the project and choose Show Package Content (or something similar; can’t remember the exact words)

There are two unusual culprits to check before you go any further looking into the project content itself, and they are found in its settings. Open Project ▸ Project Settings…, click on the Background Images section. The “Choose from disk” option actually imports the image into the project rather than linking to wherever it is on the disk (this way you can share a template with its image settings). And naturally the option to use an image from the project won’t solve the problem because the image is still in the project. Image optimisation, rather than full removal, is also an option. If this is the problem and you have ~5mb in two background images, they are safely described as far larger than they need to be, as images for this purpose.

Back to project content, the above tip provided by lunk is going to be the most efficient, since Scrivener has no built-in way of seeing the sizes of anything (beyond word count), whereas Finder does this much more easily. From the top level of the .scriv package, switch to List view so that you can select all and use ⌥→ to fully expand every folder, then add the Size column to your Finder window and click on the header to sort by that. The largest overall folders will be sorted to the top, and within them, the files as well. You can use Quick Look here to get an idea of what any of these internal content files are, if they seem too large. The ones I would look out for are card-image.jpg, notes.rtf and contents.rtf. These latter two files hold the Document Notes content in the inspector, and main editor content, respectively—either of those are places were forgotten images can bloat project sizes. The card-image.ext file is where any synopsis images are stored.

One note, you won’t see the images in Quick Look because Apple’s RTF reader is simplistic, it’s more a tool for finding which binder item you’re looking for.

And if you’d rather avoid using Finder and system tools for this, you could use the Edit ▸ Find ▸ Find by Formatting tool to search for image use throughout the project. This however will not catch Document Notes, nor use of images on synopsis cards (the latter should at least be easy enough to find by going through corkboards).