Project templates missing?

I’m a new user of Scrivener ( beta, Linux 32-bit), and I’m working my way through a few tutorials. I’ve noticed that selecting different New Project types, e.g. Novel and Novel with Parts, doesn’t seem to load any template other than the default blank project type. Have the different project types not been implemented yet in Scrivener on Linux, or am I missing a templates folder somewhere?

Even without this feature I’ve already found Scrivener to be useful. Thank you for making the additional effort to bring Scrivener to us on Linux.

That’s the way it’s always been for me as well.

Same here. I own Scrivener for Mac and created a new novel with parts, saved it to Dropbox, and went over to the Linux side to attempt to use the character and places templates (assuming the Mac version might put them where the Linux app might see them) but that didn’t seem to work either. At least it did create the basic char/places files so they can be copied and pasted as needed, though, so that was a usable workaround for me. I’m at work on my iPad right now, and can’t get more specific than this, but when I get home I’ll double-check and make sure this post is still accurate :smiley:

DO old versions support those Templates? Without them i really can’t use scrivener!

I’m not able to get any of the template entries in the “Getting Started” pane to work, either. I tested a couple by choosing “export template” and copying them to my /home/projects/ folder, but those came up as ‘xml’ files that are not useable.

Here’s a message thread concerning a request for a template repository:

Basically, pigfender said:

I had some templates I’d saved as ‘.scrivx’ files that I carried over to linux; they open normally, as a scrivener project file, with all the template info in place. So I’d suggest the best approach is to find a downloadable template, such as in the “Zen of using Scrivener” forum section, and modify it to suit your needs. Be careful to change the compile settings for your installation.