Project Templates

Are there any known circumstances under which a new project template will fail to save properly?

I took an existing project, stripped it back to the bare bones and saved it as a project template - when attempting to use the new template it’s always empty - none of the stuff I set up is there.

Starting a new project from the Blank template, customizing it and then saving as a new template works as expected - it’s apparently something about that particular project that’s causing problems.

I’m not aware of anything in the latest version that would cause this. You’re saying the template is saved, but when you create a new project from it, it’s the same as starting from blank? Is this an older project? Did you close and reopen the project between stripping it to the essentials and saving it as a template? I’m guessing by this point you have, but give that a try if not.

Exactly. The template saves and is available from the list, but when selected it is no different than the Blank template.

Yes, I’ve closed and reopened the project between - same result. Actually I did this many times over as I stripped it back piece by piece trying to see if I could figure out what was going on.

Older project - yes and no.The particular copy of the project that I started with today was only about two months old. However I have tended to use the project itself as a template of sorts - when I need a new one, I’d copy the old, rename it, delete all the files and carry on. So in that sense it’s several years old (looking into the .scrivx reveals: BinderItem ID=“0” Created=“2012-11-27 17:32:56 +0000”).

LOL, perhaps some kind of replicative fading…

It wasn’t a terribly complicated thing, so I was able to just restart from scratch with no problems.

One thing I did notice was the size of the resulting .scrivtemplate file was much larger than any of my other ones - I tracked that down to an old docs.checksum file that wasn’t getting updated properly, but removing that and having it be recreated didn’t seem to make any difference.

Peculiar. If you’re willing to share the project, could you zip it and send it to AT literatureandlatte DOT com, ATTN: Jennifer? I’d like to see if we can figure out what’s causing the problem to prevent it recurring, though it sounds like you’ve worked around it for now anyway.

AH HA. Think I got it.

Somewhere along the line of copying and renaming, I lost the .scriv extension on the project folder.

I restored the extension and tried again and this time it worked as expected.

So I renamed again, removing the extension, and once again it failed.

Put the extension back, and it worked once more.

Mind you the project works fine in all other respects without the.scriv extension on the folder - but it appears that to make a template the .scriv extension is required.

I’ll test some more and send it in if it crops up again.