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I am busy setting up several different writing projects up, and I got two big items on my wish list right now.

First off, I saw in a video that Joanna Penn did that she, being on a Mac and all that, can set up a target deadline for a project. In Windows you only get the Project Target and Session Target. That’s insufficient for a full-time writer such as myself (and others too!). :imp:

I would like to know WHEN we (Windows Users) are going to get this feature that seems to exist in the Mac version?

The second wish is kind of links with the one listed above, and consists a desktop tool which you can click on to double check deadlines. It would be useful for the Mac users too. Instead of having to log into your project and click on the function to load up the Project Target information, when you do a Backup of your project it “dumps” the data from the Project Target (i.e. deadline) into this extra desktop tool, and all you need to do each day is click that to see what project is due.

Brings me to the next wish to to add. The “Desktop Project Manager”. A simple UI that lists your projects in a neat list… by due date, alphabetically, word count, type, or genre (any of these or a combination if the user wants to set it up like it). It would make it more Windows 10 friendly that way, then having to go into a folder and click the project file to load up.

All I want for Christmas in 2016 is these wishes fulfilled… okay? :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow. These are great suggestions and should be easy for a programmer to implement.

That said…working on different software project for other products some things are easier said that done.

I am not a programmer…nor the son of a programmer…son of an accountant actually. ;D
I do hope they see this and are able to implement.

I second the request for the same session target options in Windows as already exist on Mac! I don’t understand why this would not be available on both platforms in the first place. Will this be available any time soon? <please, please, please!> :slight_smile:

The main reason there are things like this here and there is because we’ve been working on the next big version that will bring things up to where the Mac not only is, but will be. Right now we’re working on stuff even Mac people don’t have yet. We could spend more years gradually adding things to this version, but since we’re so close to finishing the next version that doesn’t make a lot of sense. :slight_smile:

As to when, we prefer to release when we feel it’s good and ready. That means extensive testing, both internal, exclusive and potentially public, before launch. The scope of things that may be uncovered during that process, let alone the uncertainty of development pace leading up to that point, mean any prediction right now would just be wishful thinking. When we start making news about it, it will essentially be done.

I realize that the reality of creating a feature is not as simple as the finished product makes it look. However, I have a suggestion about a way to tweak the incoming (hopefully) deadline/timer function that would hopefully be a good extension of a feature like that.

I write full time. Scrivener is the only tool that I’ll use to do it and now that I’m ‘good’ at scrivener I can’t go back to using any other program. However, like every writer ever I struggle with things like keeping myself on target, focused, etc. To get around that, I set timers and utilize small short term goals. 45 minutes on, with a target of 1500 words, and then a 15 minute break. To do this, I use the word count target feature in conjunction with a timer on my phone. Doing it this way is not horribly inconvenient. If I exceed my goal in a particular time frame I recalculate my targets real quick, alter my target in scrivener, and so on.

But it would be phenomenal if scrivener was really and truly a one-stop writing software. If you’ve got a target deadline date, it would be great to have scrivener tracking how much work is done so far and how many words you therefore have to write each day to meet your deadline. While writing, it would be awesome to have a timer function of some sort. Just a little something, with some indicator to let you know you’ve either met the wordcount goal or met your time goal, whichever comes first. Being able to manage your time like this is one of the keys to being able to write more on any given day.

As of version for Windows, released August 3 2016, the target date feature is not yet implemented. I do not understand this. This is not a difficult feature requiring complex coding to achieve, as it’s a simple calendar based countdown that’s been employed since the early days of Atari. This is one of the easiest things for computers to do. It’s basic math - x days remaining, x pages still to write = x pages per day. The excuse offered by AmberV several months ago is invalid, and frankly insulting and condescending for paying customers who simply want platform parity. I have a Windows desktop, but a MacBook for travel, so having such a simple feature missing from one is aggravating at best. Not asking for the moon here, and it’s not rocket science. Just make things that exist work on both. Then you can work on adding other features later.

I can’t make you like the answer, but the truth of it hasn’t changed, and that is all I can report on. If you prefer to think of it as an excuse that is insulting, well, I’m sorry for that but I’m not sure how else to put it.

So just this one feature, right? All of the other features people request from the to-do list, all of the other features individuals demand as the only thing holding them back or annoying them, that surely must be simple to add, etc., don’t matter? Just this one. :slight_smile: Got it!

I’m another Windows + Mac user + iOS user (desktop for home, Macbook on the go, iPad before sleep :slight_smile: ) and echo similar feedback from above. I thought it curious the Mac project targets had the deadline feature and the PC did not. Hopping regularly between the three platforms but not having parity in this one aspect is more irksome than it would seem.

Casting my vote for parity here!

I would like to add to this request, can we have an option which allows us to set a goal for a day rather than just a single session?

Have any updates been made to include the deadline feature for the Windows version of Scrivener? I see that this topic dates back to 20 16, three years ago.

Have you looked at the Win Scrivener 3 beta?


Is this feature in the beta? I don’t usually download betas because the bugs can be devastating to a project, but I might if that feature is in it.

I don’t want to download and install it, if the feature is not there, because then I get to uninstall and reinstall the old one.

WriteWayPro has had this feature since 2002, and I’ve been using it for years. I loved the ease of use for that software, but apparently it is no longer being supported. I bought a 34 inch monitor and the software will not work with it, although it still works fine on my smaller screened laptop.

Really if not for the larger screen problem, I would never have looked around for a replacement software. I’ve never had to use any help or tutorial for it, but with scrivener, I’m constantly looking up how to use something, only to find I’ve wasted an hour’s time reading something that only applies to Mac, because the article doesn’t specify it was for Mac only.